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"We are excited about the opportunities and ready to face the challenges that the future holds for our company. We will continue to build on the foundation that has brought us to where we are today...a focus on the customer, delivery of relevant application specific products, and a joy in the pursuit of it all." 
David Deatsch

Founded in 2004, DeatschWerks, LLC is a company dedicated to providing application specific, high-performance fuel systems solutions. Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, DW operates out of its own 12,000 sq. ft. facility that houses all of the company's functions including design/engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, and administration. DeatschWerks' roots were established by offering high flow drop-in fitment fuel injectors for Nissan engines such as the popular SR20DET, VG30DETT, and VQ35DE. Soon thereafter, DW expanded to cover Subaru, Mitsubishi, and other popular sport compact makes. Today, the DeatschWerks line-up of fuel injectors includes over 250 applications and sizes that cover both Sport Compact and Modern Muscle applications. In 2010 DeatschWerks entered new territory when they released the DW300-series in-tank fuel pump. Adhering to their philosophy of application specific solutions, the DW301 fuel pump is available with fitment kits for over 30 popular applications. Then in 2011 DW expanded their fuel pump line to include the DW200 and a compact fuel pump solution, the DW65c. With the success of the current drop in fitment injector from DW, in 2013 the company released the Bosch EV14 Universal Injector. The lineup covers select sport compact applications, a full universal and modern muscle offering complete with GM and Ford calibration data.


  • 2004 – Company launches with a line of Nissan drop-in fitment injectors
  • 2005 – Injector offering expands to other sport compact applications
  • 2006 – Adds fuel injector servicing to portfolio of offerings
  • 2007 – Builds dealer and distribution network in the US
  • 2008 – Purchases and renovates new 12,000 sq. ft. facility
  • 2009 – Launches new modern muscle line of fuel injectors
  • 2010 – Exhibits at SEMA and releases new 300-series in-tank fuel pump
  • 2011 – Expands distribution internationally to Australia, UK, Japan, and Asia
  • 2012 – Releases the DW200 and DW65c fuel pumps
  • 2013 – Offers the industry's most comprehensive Bosch EV14 injector lineup


Each member of the DeatschWerks team brings something different to the table. Our administrative team, led by Michael Deatsch, prides themselves in customer and dealer support both before and after the sale. Our production team, led by Greg Brungardt, is committed to quality and constant product improvement. Our technical team, led by David Deatsch, is always looking for and working on new relevant injector applications and fuel system products to serve the needs of our customers.

Together, these different branches of DeatschWerks work to provide the best possible experience for our customers. Our mission is to be THE SOURCE for all your fueling needs.

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