NUKE 3/8 NPT Fittings

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High flow NPT fittings, safe for all alcoholic fuels and available in a wide variation of size.

High flow NPT thread fittings, safe for alcoholic fuels and available in a wide variation of size. When tightening, thread sealant must be used to avoid leakage as it is a conical thread. For alcoholic use, use PTFE thread seal.
PTFE thread seal Part # : 700-05-201

Used on Nuke Performance products:

  • Motorsports Fuel Rails


Available in AN-6, AN-8 and AN-10. All with NPT thread.

Choose between different sizes when placing order.

If you wish to change or complement the use of fittings of the highest quality, we recommend that you use our fittings which are designed to withstand high power and excessive wear and in the right combination with the products they were intended for.

Available in several sizes and varieties.

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