NUKE Ford Fuel Rail 8cyl Coyote - Bolt-On

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Nuke Performance Ford V8 Coyote high-performance, lightweight fuel rail
Ford 8cyl Coyote high-performance bolt-on Fuel Rail kit for the popular V8 Ford Coyote engine. Lightweight fuel rail with unique injector safety clips that fit straight on the intake without heavy modifications. 100% safe for alcoholic fuels such as ethanol.

 Lightweight aluminum fuel rail
 Unique injector safety clips
 Bolt-on brackets included
 Made in Sweden
 100% E85 Proof
 Delivered with AN-8 fittings 

 Bolt-on fitment, everything is included for :
• Ford V8 Coyote

Give your engine over-dimensioned fuel flow for serious power outtake and the looks that are the Nuke Performance signum. Designed to look awesome and perform even better, this motorsports-grade fuel rail is the market-leading Ford Coyote V8 fuel rail with the most functionality and delivered with unique injector safety clips and bolt-on brackets for a safe and easy mount to this popular 8cyl engines from Ford.

 Delivered with AN-8 fittings and bolt-on brackets
Co-developed with worldwide Ford specialists, this fuel rail is set to perform under all conditions and for any horsepower requirement. This is the best fuel rail on the market for the Ford V8 Coyote engine with the highest flow capacity. Delivered with 4x AN-8 (3/4 UNF) to AN-8 Male fittings. AN-6 and AN-10 fittings are optional and sold as additional accessories.
AN-8 (3/4 UNF) to AN-6 Male Part # : 700-01-101
AN-8 (3/4 UNF) to AN-8 Male Part # : 700-01-102
AN-8 (3/4 UNF) to AN-10 Male Part # : 700-01-103

For applications where space is an issue, we also have a range of banjo fittings that saves a lot of space. AN-6, AN-8 and AN-10 banjo fittings are optional and sold as additional accessories.
AN-8 (3/4 UNF) Banjo to AN-6 Male Part # : 700-03-101
AN-8 (3/4 UNF) Banjo to AN-8 Male Part # : 700-03-102
AN-8 (3/4 UNF) Banjo to AN-10 Male Part # : 700-03-103

 Made in Sweden, guaranteeing the highest possible quality
The Ford Coyote V8 engine fuel rail is developed, designed, and manufactured by Nuke Performance for the highest possible quality and with the same hallmark as all the other parts in the lightweight motorsports range. There is no substitute for the quality of Nuke Performance!