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Service pack BMW XMS-200-BM02-2E

SERVICE PACK BMW TWIN RSB 200x10x29mm (Suitable for: KBM20530-2E)
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SKU: XMS-200-BM02-2E

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Xtreme Clutch multi-plate kits are designed and engineered for high performance street and motorsport applications where a high torque capacity is critical. These multi-plate upgrades are available in a range of configurations including organic, ceramic and carbon friction materials and with various disc quantities.


Xtreme Clutch now offer a range of service kits to suit their 184mm, 200mm and 230mm multi-plate kits. These service kits have been developed to allow vehicle owners to simply replace their friction discs, intermediate plates and pressure plate casting rather than having to replace the whole kit at the end of the clutch's service life.


  • Extend Clutch Life
  • Allow Vehicle Owners to Switch Friction Material Types
  • Allow Vehicle Owners to Switch Hub Type (Sprung vs Rigid and spline count)
  • Include the Most Common Rebuild Components
  • -Friction Discs
    -Intermediate Plates
    -Pressure Plate Casting
    -Release Bearing
    -Alignment Tool for Fitment


These service kits are ideal for use when the worn kit is still within rebuild parameters (Flywheel suitable for resurfacing, no damage to the pressure plate etc.)

  • Clutch Disc Diameter (mm)
  • Clutch Disc Spline Count
  • Clutch Disc Spline Diameter (mm)
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