51mm Hose Adapter for the BOV50C

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The 51mm (2") Hose Adapter for the BOV50c from Nuke Performance mounts a hose flange to your V-Band connection without custom fabrication.

With this use of the 51mm Hose Adapter for the BOV50c adapter, you can mount the Nuke Performance Blow Off Valve BOV50c V-Band (available here) to a 51mm (2") inner diameter silicon hose. Made of anodized aluminum and is delivered with the needed Viton O-Ring for the V-Band connection and a stainless steel hose clamp.

Delivered with a Viton O-ring and a stainless steel hose clamp, ready to mount straight into your silicon hose. This adapter also fits the old generation of blow-off valves from Nuke Performance and also other popular BOV´s on the market that uses a V-Band connection with a 60mm outer diameter.

 51mm Hose Adapter for BOV50c includes:
1x Aluminum V-Band hose adapter
1x O-ring 51x2mm (Viton) for V-Band flange
1x Stainless steel hose clamp

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