BOV Bubba Sonic VTA Sleeper

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Sometimes bigger is just better. Designed for large capacity supercharged and turbocharged engines, including turbo-diesel engines, the Bubba Sonic is a large and scary full time vent to atmosphere Blow-Off Valve. 

Bubba Sonic features:
• Precision machining and assembly – the piston and valve body are measured to mere fractions of a millimetre, and perfectly matched to fit each other exactly. Because of this precision, an O-ring is not needed to create an effective seal
• CNC billet aluminium body and components
• Huge 50.8mm/2” inlet and outlet
• Lightweight 52mm (2.05”) hard anodised aluminium two-piece piston
• -4AN threaded vacuum port
• V-band mounting system interchangeable with the Race Port
• Weighs only 790 grams (1.7lbs)
• Designed, manufactured and validated in-house at Turbosmart HQ