BOV Kompact EM Dual Port VR9 </br>(BMW)

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The award-winning Kompact EM series Blow-Off Valves, are the world’s first truly plug and play Blow-Off Valves. Simply unplug and unbolt your OEM Blow-Off Valve, and install ours in its place. No adaptors, hoses or extra assembly required. All this while retaining complete OE control of the BOV’s operation. Dual Port vents both to the atmosphere and back into the air intake.

Suitable for most BMW's using the N55 straight 6 turbo or the N63/S63 engine. Please look up the vehicle application list for more detail.


Suitable for most BMW’s fitted with the N55 or N13 engines. 
Please look up your vehicle in the vehicle application finder or contact us for more information. 

BMW 135i 
BMW 235i 
BMW 335i 
BMW 335i 
Active Hybrid 3 
BMW 435i 
BMW 535i 
Active Hybrid 5 
BMW X3 Xdrive 35i 
+ Many more

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