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  • BMW E46 floor plates-DRIVER SIDE ONLY

BMW E46 floor plates-DRIVER SIDE ONLY

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BMW E46 floor plates-DRIVER SIDE ONLY


We offer aluminum intersphased floor included driver + passenger. This product is increasingly used mainly in motorsport cars (KJS, TIME ATTACK, RALLIES, DRIFT 1/4 MILI). It performs the functions of comfort, a sense of security of the person who holds his legs on it and gives a professional character to our design.

Installation of the offered kit can be very simple and fast by fixing it with rivets or ordinary screws. The set includes 4 feet to stabilize the floor.

The product is made in POLAND.

The riser and floor are made of 3mm thick aluminum, cut on a CNC punch.

The product has a crease which also serves its strength and grip of the shoe.

Our products have been tested in extreme conditions on various battlefields – including drifts and rallies. Never failed!