NUKE Remote quick lock filler cap

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The Nuke Performance Remote quick lock filler cap for 50mm (2") fuel filler hose, for all motorsports, and aftermarket fuel cells.
A lightweight, quick lock, 5-bolt pattern, filler cap that is the perfect solution for remote filler installation for your aftermarket fuel cell and the Nuke Performance CFC Units. Locks with as little as a 90-degree turn.

 Quick lock, with a 90-degree lock mechanism
 Flanged neck for 50mm (2") fuel filler hoses
 Universal fitment for your motorsports build
 Viton o-rings and gaskets, safe for all types of fuel
 Safety wire kit included

The Nuke Performance Remote quick lock filler cap holds a 5-bolt pattern and is easy to mount thanks to the available accessories. Suits the standard gas station nozzles and fuel jug filler hose and is safe for all types of fuels, including alcoholic fuels such as E85 thanks to all seals and gaskets made out of Viton.


 A true quick-lock mechanism, it takes not more than a 90-degree turn to lock the filler cap into place.
The Nuke Performance Remote quick lock filler cap is a piece of art, and we promise you that you will get addicted, opening and closing this aluminum masterpiece will blow your mind. With a simple 90-degree turn you unlock and lock this universal fuel filler cap, perfect for any motorsports application where a remote filler solution is needed. Barb connection made to attach to an ID 50mm (2") fuel filler hose, such as the lightweight and extremely flexible Nuke Performance Fuel filler hose kit (available here). Who thought that a filler cap could give so much joy?


 Easy installation thanks to the 5-bolt pattern design and handy mounting accessories.
Easy to install thanks to the handy accessories, such as an anodized aluminum nut ring for panel installation or a steel bracket for welding or bolt installation. Requires a 77mm (3.03") hole to be fabricated when mounted to a body panel.
Aluminum nut ring with M6 bolts Part # : 150-30-112
Steel mounting bracket with M6 bolts Part # : 150-30-113


 Flanged filler neck for 50mm (2") fuel filler hose, such as the Fuel filler hose kit 90cm (3ft), the lightweight and extremely flexible filler hose from Nuke Performance.
The Nuke Performance quick lock filler cap is designed to be used with the Nuke Performance CFC Units and connects to a 50mm (2") fuel fill hose, such as the extremely lightweight and flexible corrugated fuel fill hose (available here) from Nuke Performance. This high-quality hose is safe for all types of fuels, including alcoholic fuels such as E85 even during long-time use, and will not break down over time in comparison to other hoses on the market which are both heavier, stiffer, and has lower resistance to alcoholic fuels.
Fuel Filler Hose Kit, 90cm (3ft) Part # : 150-31-201


 Equip your Nuke Performance CFC Unit with the remote quick lock filler cap for your motorsports build.
Nuke Performance offers everything you need for a quick and secure installation. The CFC Units (available here) is equipped with roll-over protection, preventing fuel to pour out of the fuel cell in case of an accident where the filler hose would have been adversely affected. And with the remote filler neck (available here) that is attached to the CFC Unit, the flexible fill hose lets you connect to the remote filler cap mounted to an easy-to-reach location.
Remote mount fill neck Part # : 150-05-202


 Designed and developed in Sweden, guaranteeing the highest possible finish and quality.
Developed and designed in Sweden, in-house by Nuke Performance. The Remote Quick Lock Filler Cap is of the highest possible quality and with the same hallmark as all the other lightweight motorsports products from Nuke Performance. The parts from Nuke Performance are co-developed with worldwide motorsports teams, making sure that functionality, as well as the design, meets the absolute highest standards, or even making its own standard.

There is no substitute for the quality of Nuke Performance.

 Remote Quick Lock Filler Cap Specifications:
For more information about specifications, view the product sheet.

 Flange dimension 50,0 mm (2.0")
 Flange length 25mm (0.98")
 Bolt pattern PCD 5x60mm (2.36") / BCD 96mm (3.77")
 Bolt dimensions M6 (not included)
 Included gasket YES, Viton gasket
 Included wire YES, Stainless steel wire with heat shrink
 Outer diameter 110.5mm (4.35 ")
 Height over panel 12.0mm (0.47 ")
 Totalt depth 64.0 mm (2.51 ")
 Weight 366 g (0.80 lb)
 For motorsports use YES
 Fuel compatibility Petrol, Ethanol, Methanol, Race fuel, Diesel
 Part # 150-30-101
 EAN 7340209505436


 Nuke Performance Remote Quick Lock Filler Cap includes:
1 x Filler cap body with flanged 50mm (2") hose connection
1 x Sealed and spring-loaded quick-locking filler cap
1 x Safety wire kit for M6 application
1 x Viton gasket, safe for all types of fuel

 Download Product Sheet (.pdf)