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HPO G35-900

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SKU: ST1Z-D35-B99

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  • Curved point milled billet compressor wheel for improved airflow and efficiency
  • A series Turbine wheel with slim nose and hub for reduced weight and faster spool-up
  • Decentered blades on turbine wheel for improved gas flow ability and reduced turbo lag
  • Newly designed Anti-Surge compressor housings with integrated speed sensor port and boost reference port for improved performance monitoring and control
  • Dual ball bearing system for improved durability, stability, and reduced friction resulting in enhanced performance and longevity
  • Dual ceramic ball bearing system provides optimal turbo response &
    better durability by reducing the shaft-motion
  • 9 Blade G-Aero billet compressor wheel with extended tapered tip technology
  • Anti-Surge ported-shroud compressor inlet, cover integrated with the speed sensor port