ARP Torque Monteringsfett m/pensel 20 oz.

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Med denne ARP Ultra Torque montering smøremiddel, trenger et feste bare trekkes til med moment en gang å komme innenfor 5 prosent av ideelle forspenning,





Assembly Lubricant Usage
Engine assembly

Fastener installation


Because of frictional inconsistencies with oil, moly, and other lubricants it takes multiple cycles of torquing the bolt, loosening it, and tightening it again to obtain the required preload or stretch. Typically, when a fastener is first tightened, friction is at its highest point and the preload value or stretch is low. As the fastener is cycled numerous times the friction decreases and the preload increases. This phenomenon is called "preload scatter." With this ARP Ultra Torque assembly lubricant, a fastener need only be torqued once to get within 5 percent of ideal preload, and it remains consistent through all subsequent cycles (from race-prep machining through final assembly). Moreover, given the inconsistencies of ordinary lubes, it is quite possible for adjacent head bolts or studs to have vastly different preloads. This scatter causes bore distortion, hampers piston ring seal, and leads to poor head gasket sealing.