Audi S4 (C4) 2.2 Turbo Hybrid Turbo Stage 1 (53249887000)

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Audi S4 (C4) 2.2 Turbo Hybrid Turbo Stage 1

New OE turbocharger, upgraded. For maximum performance. Plug n Play

Original, new BorgWarner Turbocharger + milled compressor wheel + reinforced bearings

This upgrade makes your turbocharger more durable, due to the reinforces bearings and also gives you a slight performance increase, because of the lean milled compression wheel.

O.S.T. is a shortcut for Optimized Stock Turbocharger. During optimization a stock turbocharger is fitted with an all new CNC milled compressor wheel which is both flow improved and above all weight reduced. Additionally an improved journal bearing equipped with a special surface coat featuring highest dry run capacity is fitted. Thanks to O.S.T. optimization your turbocharger will gain in performance as well as life span.

Alternative number of Turbocharger:
53249987002 / 5324 998 7002 / 5324-998-7002 / 53249887002 / 5324 988 7002 / 5324-988-7002 / 53249707002 / 5324 970 7002 / 5324-970-7002

You will receive the stage 1 optimization that is done on a brand new BorgWarner turbocharger!