NUKE Mounting steel plate for Air Jack 90 C

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Mounting accessories for mounting the Nuke Performance Air Jack 90 Competition. Enables easy installation thanks to correct dimensions.

Made of steel and intended to be welded to the body or chassis. Delivered untreated and ready to be applied. Adapt external dimensions to your needs and purposes.

Dimensions: 170x170mm (6.69x6.69")
Thickness : 3mm (0.12")
Hole Ø : 91mm (3.58")
Material : Steel

 An assortment of mounting accessories
To make the installation of Air Jack 90C as simple as possible, Nuke Performance has developed a range of mounting accessories. A plate, bracket and pipe are available, all in weldable steel and adapted for direct fitment of the Air Jack 90 C to your vehicle. All parts are easy to adapt to your intended dimension needs.
Steel Plate Part # : 590-10-109
Steel Bracket Part # : 590-10-108
Steel Tube / Pipe Part # : 590-10-110

 Download User Manual (.pdf)

Quantity : 1pc